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With over 40 years of upholstery experience under his craftsman’s belt there is little, if anything that fazes Director Steve Marks and his team. 


Using traditional techniques and materials, the team achieve longer lasting pieces of the highest quality, produced for the needs of each individual client. The team are able to construct furniture from frame to finished piece, or reupholster existing furniture including sofas and armchairs, headboards and stools.

In the eyes of Steve Marks - 'Where there is a possibility, anything is possible'


Situated on a farm overlooked by the iconic Halnaker windmill, our workshop is the engine room behind Marks & Ayling, a hive of activity and the hub of the business -  where bespoke new soft furnishings are created or antique pieces are entrusted and given a new lease of life.

Having both a workshop and design studio that work in tandem ensures we not only deliver projects on time, but also allows for excellent quality control and customer communications. 

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