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Nestled in the heart of Petworth is the Marks & Ayling design studio and shop, which offers our clients an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of fabrics, furniture, wallpaper, accessories, flair and inspiration.  

The shop encapsulates the essence of Marks & Ayling and displays some of the furniture and accessories which have been designed and made in our own workshop, as well as showcasing texture, colour palettes, fabrics, interesting lamps, mirrors and an array of bespoke design creations.


Led by Interior Design Director Sarah Ayling, the design studio and shop has captured the attention of customers from across the country.  Some clients seek entire house make-overs, whilst many others have tasked the business with making replica and intricate sofas, soft furnishings and bespoke handmade curtains.

Through creative exploration, the Marks & Ayling team can enhance any type of living space: from country mansions and castles, to bijoux residences - the team is expert at working with clients to realise their vision and take them on a journey of design and quality excellence.

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